a special way for myo-facsial syndrome

Manipulation Techniques

Manipulation and Trigger release are extremely usefull in several types of pains associated with myofacsial cmplaints leading to chronic pain . These are effective in other chronic inflammation conditions also. Only an expert can do the deft movments that will take away your discomfort almost as if by 'magic'!

solutions for Musculoskeletal problems

Pain Free Modalities

A variety of pain relieving modalities are available with us. Ultrasound, Shortwave, Interferential, TENS etc are only a few. Dry needle is an excellent technique. Moist heat & hot packs are also used as pain modalities in expert hands. These powerful modalities give excellent long lasting result, solving your worries.

our physiotherapy section

Our Physiotherapy unit is equipped with the best machines/modalities. We also boast a highly qualified, vastly experienced Chief Physio. Our Dedicated PT care will ease you out of your pain and incapacities within the shortest time.

we have a variety of physiotherapy modalities/equipments (click images for more info)

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